Parent Resources from our Counseling Center

October 8, 2020

Each year we are challenged with the task of addressing this question from you, parents/guardians…“what can I do to help my student/child”.  We never have a concrete “answer”, but we do always try to provide resources you can use, to guide and assist you as you deal with the variety of issues you are facing.  The resources listed below, provide information on topics such as, parent involvement, parent/teacher communication and teaching tips.


Please see below for a link to brochures that cover a range of topics, including:


Parent Involvement – “It’s Never Too Late to Get Involved”

Parent involvement to increase school success – “Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Succeed in School”

Parent involvement in problem solving – “What to Do if Your Child is Having a Problem in School”

Parent and Teacher relationships – “How to Work with your Child’s teacher”

Parents as Teachers – “Parents are Teachers Too”

Parent Tips to help the Student – “Teachers Learning Secrets to Use at Home”

These brochures can be viewed or even printed out for future reference. If you have any concerns a counselor can help you with, feel free to call the school at 931-648-5665 and ask for the counseling center.