NEMS Remote Information for all Traditional Students

November 17, 2020

Good evening Eagles! Due to staffing concerns caused by the pandemic, Northeast Middle School seventh and eigth-grade traditional students will move to the remote learning model tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17 through the rest of this week.
7th and 8th grade traditional students will not report to the school building. Teachers will communicate with students on how to access lessons through Google Classroom and/or the PLP. All students should check their Google Classroom and PLP daily for assignments and tasks due that day.
Please note that not every teacher will host a synchronous or live lesson. Some classes may be asynchronous and only require students to complete a specific task for that day without meeting with the teacher via Zoom. If you have questions regarding subject-specific information, please email your child’s teacher directly. If your child forgot his/her laptop or charger, please contact the front office tomorrow morning.
The Remote schedule for Tuesday 11/17, Wednesday 11/18, Thursday 11/19, and Friday 11/20 is as outlined below:
6th Grade (just in case you need it again)
1st Rel.Arts 7:58-8:48
2nd Rel.Arts 8:52-9:42
3rd 9:46-10:41
Lunch 10:45-11:15
4th 11:15-12:10
5th 12:14-1:09
6th 1:13-2:08
7th Grade
1st 7:58-8:53
2nd 8:57-9:52
3rd Rel.Arts 9:56-10:46
4th Rel.Arts 10:50-11:40
Lunch 11:40-12:10
5th 12:14-1:09
6th 1:13-2:08
8th Grade
1st 7:58-8:53
2nd 8:57-9:52
3rd 9:56-10:51
Lunch 10:55 – 11:25
4th 11:25-12:20
5th Rel.Arts 12:24 – 1:14
6th Rel.Arts 1:18 – 2:08