Car Rider Information 2021-22

August 7, 2021

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!
If your child will be a car rider for one day, an occasional day or all year, please read this thoroughly so you are familiar with the procedure. If you have any questions concerning the first half day, please email [email protected] and I will make every effort to answer by Sunday night, Aug 8.
Car Rider times are at 7:00am for drop-off and 10:30am for pick-up on Monday 8/9/2021. Starting Thursday, 8/12/2021, car rider pick-up will begin at 2:10pm. We have more car riders the first ½ day of school than we do any other day of the school year. Please be patient and kind as we manage the increase in traffic. Expect and plan for delays. The forecast is currently predicting a chance of rain for Monday. Please equip your student with an umbrella or raincoat. Unless there is lightning or extreme conditions students will have to stand outside for dismissal. If we have to move inside due to extreme weather, once again, please be patient and plan for delays. Attached to this email is a map and instructions for our car rider procedure (same as last year). Please read and listen to the following instructions for both the morning and afternoon car riders.
For Morning car riders:
-All car rider traffic must enter the campus off of Merriweather Road; traffic that enters off of Trenton will not be able to enter the line if backed-up.
-Cars may line-up in 2 lanes on the new access road beside the Elementary School (the same entrance as last year). If you’ve entered the campus off of Merriweather there will be signs posted to assist you with where to go.
-Cones will be placed at the entrance of the drop-off loop in the mornings. The 2 lane traffic may line-up behind the cones. No cars will be allowed in the loop until the on-duty staff moves cones and motions traffic to enter. Please do not attempt to bypass the line, and drop-off your child in the parking lot. This is a major safety concern given they’ll have to cross two lanes of traffic to get to the sidewalk.
Once all cars in the loop are unloaded, we will dismiss one lane at time until both lanes are out of the loop. Please do not try to exit the loop while we’re still unloading students.
For Afternoon car riders:
-During car rider pick-up, cones will not be placed at the entrance of the loop and cars may pull all the way up in the loop and wait for their student.
-Students will stand outside in the grass area and watch for their ride.
-As you enter the car rider loop to pick-up your child we ask that you pull all the way up (follow the signs) so we can fit the maximum number of cars in the loop. Once you’re parked and staff have given an all-clear for loading, your student can safely walk the sidewalk to your vehicle.
-Similar to morning car riders, once all cars in the loop have been loaded we will dismiss one lane at a time until both lanes have exited the loop. Please do not try to exit the loop while we’re still loading students.
When you arrive please be attentive to staff and the signs they carry. This will make the process much easier, safer, and, hopefully, less time consuming. With your help and patience, we hope to make this process as seamless as possible! We look forward to seeing you Monday morning at 7:00am!
Just some reminders regarding car rider procedures:
• Please remember to enter the car rider line from Merriweather road (See map below). If you try to enter the line from Trenton you may be unable to enter the access road to the car rider loop due to the traffic from Merriweather.
• Once you enter the line on the access road beside the Elementary school, you may line-up in two lanes and enter the car rider loop in two lanes.
• Students should NOT exit or enter their vehicle until all traffic has stopped and the announcement is made for them enter/exit their vehicle.