Welcome the the 2021-22 School Year!!

August 7, 2021

This is the transcript from Mrs. Boss’s phone call today:
“Good afternoon Eagles, this is Laura Boss, principal of Northeast Middle School. I am so happy to welcome all of you to the beginning of the 2021 – 2022 school year. Homeroom teachers have been reaching out to the parents and students of their advisory classes to introduce themselves and to help the students know where to go Monday morning. We will have signs and multiple adults directing students.
This message will be lengthy, but please remember there will be an email version sent to you.
Our first half-day will be Monday, August 9th. Please remember, breakfast nor lunch will be served on the first ½ day.
Bus riders and car riders will begin to enter the building at 7:00 am. 6th-grade students will go to the gym. 7th and 8th grade will report to their advisory classes listed on their Powerschool schedule. 7th grade will go to the blue hall and 8th grade will go to the blue and gold hall. New students or students without a schedule will report to the Library. Throughout the day, there will be numerous teachers and staff with signs directing our students where to report.
Please make sure your child knows exactly how he or she is getting home. If your student is a bus rider, please encourage him or her to memorize their bus number. Remind your bus rider not to rely on what the driver looks like to identify their bus; the bus number is the most effective way to ensure they are on the correct one. If your child is a car rider in the morning, but a bus rider in the afternoon, please make sure he or she knows the number. If you have not received the message from transportation with that number, you can go to the CMCSS website (parent tab, bus, and zoning) to locate that information.
(Car rider information will be in the next post.)
The first full day of school is August 12. Students will need to bring their backpacks and water. Both breakfast and lunch services will begin this day. Please be on the lookout for a free and reduced lunch application. Although lunches remain free for everyone, we appreciate your support in filling these out. In addition, we will not be utilizing lockers for the 21-22 school year.
We are looking forward to a fabulous first week of school and we look forward to working with you to prepare our students for success! Thank you and enjoy your weekend.”
*NOTE: Teachers have been sending emails, so be sure you are checking your spam folder if you don’t see anything. If you do not receive an email, your child will just need to report to the library first thing Monday and the school counselors will be helping there.
**Please send your student with a folder and paper, something to write with and a bottle of water/water bottle on Monday. They will not need all of their supplies until Monday. It would be great to either print out the above mentioned email or write all the information on a piece of paper in the folder, including bus number.
***Also, please begin encouraging your student to memorize their 6 digit student ID/lunch number (also used in the library). They WILL need to use it this year for lunch. There will be NO a-la-carte items this year. They may purchase milk, but may not charge. They need to have exact change or make a deposit. Also, so that the line goes smoothly, encourage your child to read the menu and make a decision before they get to the serving line. The menus are on a monitor above the serving line door, on the window inside and online.