The 2022-23 Basketball Season is Here!

November 1, 2022

Welcome to the 2022-23 Basketball Season. We are excited for our student athletes and hope for a great season.

Please remember, ALL tickets will be available on GoFan. Prices are $6 ($5 for the school and $1 for GoFan processing fee) There will be no cash taken at the gate. You will need to have your ticket loaded on your device when you come in any building and the person at the gate will need to validate it for you. Please DO NOT VALIDATE tickets yourself. Please make sure you have it on your screen ready to go before you enter the building; most buildings have terrible cell service. You may sign in on the Guest Wifi and that will help immensely.

If you are allowing your child to attend alone, please make sure they are able to pull up that ticket for us to validate. We cannot validate screenshots of tickets.

When you search for tickets on GoFan, make sure you search the host school and that it is Clarksville TN.

JV plays at 4:30. Varsity Girls play at 5:45 and Varsity Boys play at approximately 6:45.

Below is a link to the season schedule.

2022-23 NEMS Basketball Schedule