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Is it possible to have my child’s related arts schedule changed?
The middle school philosophy is for students to be exposed to all related arts classes in a rotation throughout their years as a middle school student. The rationale behind this philosophy is that students will be able to make an informed decision regarding their electives in high school once they have had experience in a variety of classes in middle school. As a result of this philosophy, middle schools in our district do not allow for students to choose which related arts classes they have each semester, rather we rely on a random assortment of classes to be scheduled for each student.

Can my child have PE all year OR can my child be taken out of PE?
Each student is required to have at least one semester of PE each school year. Some students will randomly be placed in PE for both semesters, which is encouraged by the state. However, due to class sizes, all students will have PE for a minimum of one semester. The only exceptions to this are students with medical documentation that prohibits them from physical activity (doctor’s notes are required each school year) or students that are in both choir and band.

Can you please explain the new grading policy?
After two to three years of professional discussions, readings, and analysis of teachers’ grading practices, middle schools across our district are taking steps to ensure that a student’s grade represents how much the student has actually learned. Too many struggling students have slipped through the cracks in past years because their grade was overly padded by homework grades and other practice assignments. We want to identify any areas where a student struggles, then provide extra support so that they can be successful now and in the next stages of learning. Therefore, Assessments will be worth 70% and Practice will be worth 30% of students’ grades across the county. This is truly what is best for our students because it clearly outlines progression towards mastery of a standard. As the top district in the state of Tennessee, we are committed to preparing our students to be college and career ready.

How can I contact an administrator or teacher?

Click on the Administrators link for a Principal or Assistant Principal, or click Faculty for teachers and staff. You can e-mail the employee by clicking the employee's name.

If you prefer to leave a phone message for the employee, you may call the school at 648-5665 during school hours.

How do I get to the school?
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How can I volunteer?
Please contact our school at 931.648.5665 or go directly to our school's Volunteer Portal at to sign up.