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My earliest (and one of my happiest) memories is my mom taking me to the Hunter Museum when I was tiny. Seeing Paul Jenkins' "Phenomena Royal Violet Visitation" (cover photo) which had recently joined the museum's permanent collection, was a watershed moment in my life. I longed to return and see my "butterfly rainbow" painting and spent hours trying to recreate it on my great-grandmother's kitchen table with scraps of paper and food coloring. Art has been a constant friend, confidante, therapist, and vehicle for celebration and mourning. Research shows creative projects help grow confidence, intelligence, mental health, better academic success, and positive relationships. My greatest hope is that my classroom is a safe, relaxed sanctuary in which my students will work hard, be on fire for learning, and will be gobsmacked at their successes. It's absolutely NOT "talent;" success in art is perseverance, humility, patience, practice, and getting out of your comfort zone.
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Welcome to the Visual Art Course at NEMS!

You are going to love learning and working in my classroom. If you think you are "untalented," "messy," or otherwise "not an artist," please let me help you prove yourself wrong. This class is for you. No one else. For. You. Hone your skills if you're a seasoned sketcher. Get out of your comfort zone if you're a "I do manga-style or nothing!" artist. If you don't want to even be here, use the time to work with the art supplies and relax. Focus on the art and let yourself relax and delight in the day among friends. 

All you need to bring is the following:

  • a pencil
  • the intention to work hard

cannot wait to get to know all of you this upcoming semester! 


Ms. Betts

Art Room Expectations:

  1. NINJA ENTRANCE Come in quietly, ready to work!
  2. REMAIN SILENT when the teacher or guests are speaking, another student is responding, or during announcements.
  3. VOLUME CONTROL is not just for hairspray. You are welcome to talk to your table buddies while you work. However, we don't want to disturb the class next door, down the hallway, or at Regal Cinema. No one wants to leave class with a headache or miss important school announcements.
  4. RAISE YOUR HAND This helps us navigate needs in a room filled with amazing human beings. On that note, "ask 3 before me." There will be an abundance of awesomeness going on in the room, so I will be pulled in many directions. Ask your table buddies about a project, etc. before you ask me. 
  5. PROPERLY & SAFELY use ALL materials. This includes keeping hands, feet to yourself and being respectful. It's a strong, respectful student who chooses to work with integrity. 
  6. CLEAN UP, TIDY after yourself and your surroundings. It's a great habit to get into and helps us keep supplies in great shape and the classroom safe. It shows character in taking time to be fastidious.