Important Message from Mr. Stinson

January 3, 2024

The Tennessee Department of Education recently released school, district, and state data. Under the Implementation of the federal mandate of the “Every Student Succeeds Act,” the state accountability plan evaluates schools in five specific areas: Achievement, Growth, Absenteeism, English Language Proficiency, and College and Career.


Additionally, under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act the state is required to identify schools with struggling performance in a federally identified subgroup. These subgroups include each individual racial/ethnic group, students with disabilities, economically-disadvantaged students, and English Learners. These rules have remained in place as school districts across the nation have struggled through the pandemic and standardized assessment concerns since March 2020.


Northeast Middle has been identified as a Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) school for the student subgroups of economically disadvantaged, black, Hispanic, Native American, and white for student achievement.


Our school is working strategically with the district and the Tennessee Department of Education to improve students’ performance by focusing on TIER I instruction, providing research-based, highly-effective interventions for struggling students, and utilizing strategic and ongoing data feedback. As our most powerful partner in this work, we invite you to help by participating in our school improvement efforts, joining us at school events, and providing feedback. Additionally, please partner with us to ensure your child is on time and present at school each day.




Evan Stinson